• Coding - both CPT and ICD-10-CM

  • Billing daily and auditing every note before it goes out to the insurance carrier - that is what we do.

  • Compliance - new regulations, guidelines awareness -Do you have a compliance plan?

  • Auditing - have your medical records audited to be sure you are billing properly.

  • Less staff, less payments for benefits, less space if you hire GHC for billing.  Does your staff know coding, LCD, NCP, ICD-10-CM?

  • Being audited and need representation at the audit to be sure it is fair?

  • Credentialing with the insurance, Medicare, Medicaid carriers.

  • Starting a new practice - need help?

  • Electronic Medical Records - set up and updates.

  • Want better reimbursement and collections.  Do you know what your A/R really looks like?

  • Know the required laws that are being used in the medical practice?

  • Authorizations and prior approval denying your reimbursement?

  • Adding a new provider to your practice and need help?

  • Do you think there is a problem with your practice but not sure where to start?  Analyze your practice.

  • Just need help

Billing Services for Physicians in Connecticut and the Surrounding Areas

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