CPC Classes and Prep for CPC exam

  • Classes start at 8:30 am on Saturdays and/or Sundays and usually go until 12:30 pm

  • It is the students responsibility to call if they are not coming to class or if they will be late.

  • There is no way to "read a coding book", so homework is extremely important and allows the student to review the codes and practice the selections of the code(s).

  • The student is in charge of their outcome!   Like anything in this life, you must dedicate yourself to learning and devote time to the course if you want to be successful and pass the exam.

  • The CPC is the foundation to a career in the healthcare industry, with many other specialties and a variety of job positions.   CPC does not mean that you only "code", our jobs have become multitask with tasks of calling insurance carriers, doing reports, data entry, collection of revenue, understanding the Accounts Receivables and being a team player.

  • The CPC exam is 5 hours and 40 minutes with 150 questions (multiple choice) to answer.  The number one reason for not passing is the time spent on answering the questions, not allowing you enough time to finish the exam.  [you pay for one exam but get 2 chances to take the exam with the one payment].

  • CPC classes run around 5 months and costs $3,200.00.  Lump sums, monthly and weekly payments are accepted.  The student may buy their own books (CPT and ICD-10-CM &HCPCS) or we can get them at cost for the student.

  • If you do not pass on the first try, you will stay in class with Linda until you pass at no extra cost.

  • Externship is available for those students that want hands on experience with GHC being an approved AAPC externship site.

Student Information